martes, 27 de abril de 2010


Well, today i have decided to write in english. The english, is a language that i don't like very much, i consider it cold, no rythm, no musicality, but has an elegant "touch", and above all, it is "puñeteramente" important in the labor market...aiiiii the english...the forgotten english. I have readen some books in english..for example: The Black Cat , The Elephantman, The woman who disappeared . I really liked "The Elephantman", he is not beautiful, his mother does not want him, children run away from him. People laugh at him, and call him "The elephant man". Then someone speaks to him -and listen to him, at the age of 27, the elephantman finds a friend for the first time in his life.
What can i say about english music?? i like so much the police

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